Digital and analog photography courses | Coaching

What do we teach ?

Practice of digital and analog photography:
Fashion photography, portrait, still life, architecture, interior design, photojournalism…
To choose equipment depending on the application.
Lighting techniques in the studio and outside.
Development and raw editing techniques on photoshop.
Calibrate your equipment (camera, monitor, printer… ).

What is our experience and what is our expertise?

15 years of teaching studio and laboratory in SPEOS with whom we continue to work for the masters of fashion photography.
Other collaborations with school Les Gobelins, forming, for example, to the photography members of the army of Abu Dhabi !
During all these years, we met with a variety of profiles and all have different learning rhythms.
What we offer today is a training map and individual, to cover exactly the need of the student.

For what audience ?

Any public.
We can be a support for a technical photographer author, for example.
Form in 1 month at 40 hours / week a product photographer (from shooting to postproduction).
Train photographers to historical processes: wet collodion and daguerreotype
25€ /hour
150€ /day (7 hours)


Photo Coaching and HR


Integration of digital studio in your business

We propose to form a photographer retoucher, the employee of your choice in a month (2 or 4 intensive weeks depending on the student).
We advise you on your studio equipment purchase.

Human resources for shooting and postproduction

Urgent work, a change of image or technical support, we offer you a photographer/retoucher able to fit right the first time to your team.

Technical and logistical support covering different fields of digital photography

– Optimize workflow
– Equipment Calibration
– Professional photo retouching (beauty, product…)
– Photomontage
– Processing of Raw files
– Optimize for web and print